My Home, My Space

My Home, My space for the private user

With Extenzo® stretch ceilings our clients can have a choice of more than a 120 colors with 9 different finishes. The ceilings are maintenance free and can be easily cleaned once installed.

Stretch ceilings are highly cost effective and do not cost more than traditional ceilings. Extenzo® ceilings are long lasting and do not peel nor crack. Installation is quick and clean and most private households can be stretched in a single day.  The ceilings are water proof and are a perfect finish to the bathroom or swimming pools, no more fungal stains!

Extenzo® stretch ceilings can easily accommodate any ceilings fixtures like lamps, spotlights, speakers and others.

One day installation

Most households can be done in a single day, no dirt no fuss. Our clients can easily have their ceilings done without the need to suffer from dirt and dust and to have an outstanding result.


Hard to make up your mind? Need advice?
At Art of Ceilings we can supply full service with our in-house designer, which can help designing the ceilings but can also design your house.



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