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Extenzo® stretch ceilings - endless possibilities

Extenzo® stretch ceilings are available in wide range of colors and finishing, whether you design a private residential or a public place Extenzo® stretch ceilings are the product to use.

Our flexible profile system enables you to create shapes, curves, 3D and lighting effects for any idea or a vision you may have, thus making visions a reality
The ceilings can be easily removed for maintenance which makes modifications of cables and piping easy to deal with even in an operating shop or office

The acoustic qualities of a space are fundamental, Extenzo® stretch ceilings improves acoustics compared with rigid surfaces as plasterboards and can be perforated for greater acoustic needs

Extenzo® series of ‘DayLight’ ceilings enables you to set the desired sphere for any location to any time! The ability to shape the ceilings and cerate different forms makes it the best tool for the visionaries

Extenzo® stretch ceilings are a perfect match to wet environments; therefore they are frequently used in swimming pools, bathrooms and saunas

Extenzo® has developed the revolutionary Climaclick®, in cooperation with the INSA (National Institute of Applied Sciences). This new principle of air conditioning can bring a room to a comfortable temperature faster, whilst eliminating turbulence and obtaining better evenly distributed temperatures. See the our illustration movie under Climaclick

Treated in its core, EXTENZO® Bio-Pruf acts continuously to prevent the development of bacteria and moulds, on both surfaces. Compliant with the health regulations in force, it is the perfect solution for hospitals, medical laboratories, the pharmaceutical and agri-food industries, clean rooms, catering services, swimming pools...